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Workshop 2001 Reports
  • E-MELD Conference 2001, The Need for Standards: Overview and Final Report, Doug Whalen

  • Metadata
  • Summary: Metadata Issues 2001, Nicolas Oslter
  • Metadata Working Group: Pre-Workshop Assignment
  • Comments on ISLE Metadata Set, Alan Dench
  • Metadata Working Group: Experience Report, Gary Simons
  • Report to Working Group on Metadata re the OLAC Metadata Set, Louanna Furbee
  •   Markup
  • Request for the Markup Working Group
  • LACITO, Mike Hammond
  •   Language Codes
  • Summary: Language Codes 2001, Gene Gragg
  • Comments on Language Codes, Randy LaPolla
  • Reactions to Constable and Simons, 'Language Identification and IT', R. Blust
  • Language Classification, Marianne Mithun

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